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 Detroit, Michigan Based Independent Label Time Moves Emotionless Records LLC is dedicated to bringing you new, innovative, intelligent, fun music with a conscious premise.  Journey through Time with TME Records, as we humbly bring you amazing original music stemming from all genres.  TME meets you at your need when it comes to musical relaxation and indulgence.  CEO, Producer and Artist Urgent is one of the most lyrically profound MC's to date.  Methaphors, Street Life, and Intellect form this true freestyler, producer and writer allowing experience and the yearn to educate to drive and motivate Urgent to bring you supernatural lyrics with a purpose.  Urgent Comes with his Brand New 2016 Album Release "DEEP AS THE OCEAN" following up from his 2014 release "Time In A Glass Bottle".  Deep As The Ocean takes you to another level and navigates you through the dark waters of life bringing you to the light.  Theories and Concepts that make you think while musically taking you where you've never gone before...  Check Out the TME RECORDS STORE and Purchase "DEEP AS THE OCEAN" guaranteed not to let you down... "Don't Float Thru Life, Make Waves" -Urgent