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URgent: Immediate action 

Urgent has been an artist since 1990. Originality and Creativity have been the foundation of his career as a CEO of TME records founded in 2003, producer, songwriter and freestyler. Urgent started at the age of 10 creating beats and writing raps. He has a God given talent for creating music by ear. He was taught at the University of Michigan-Dearborn Youth Orchestra Symphony how to play various instruments including the all parts of the drums, clarinet, and xylophone. He learned to play piano from his father Darnell Fair and McCord Music.  In 1996, he joined a neighborhood rap group called C.A.N (Crazy Ass Niggas) recording and performing various songs at venues and events all over the Metro Detroit Area. C.A.N. formulated a record label in 2001 called A-1 Records, where Urgent was Chief Operation Officer.  He created and conducted a concert for all recording artist in the City of Detroit titled "Turn to Represent in 2001.  In 2002, he recorded a compilation album with A-1 Records called "Da Cook Up". After some label complication, Urgent ventured out and started TME Records (Time Moves Emotionless Records) in 2003. He began recording his first debut album titled "Time Moves Emotionless”, which was released in 2003. After years of hard work, blood, sweat, tears, trials and tribulations. A NEW ERA IN DETROIT MUSIC IS BACK TO CLAIM HIP HOP AND BRING IT BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL STATE... URGENT is back in the Building... NEW ALBUMS AVAILABLE NOW!! 2016, THE NEW DEEP AS THE OCEAN ALBUM, TIME IN A GLASS BOTTLE ALBUM 2014, THE EQUALIZER FREESTYLE MIX TAPE Part 1: HIP HOP EDITION.. THE EQUALIZER FREESTYLE MIX TAPE Part 2: HOOD EDITION, FREESTYLE OF THE DAY MIX TAPE: FAR PASS YOUR EDICT, FREESTYLE OF THE DAY MIX TAPE: EXTRATERRESTRIAL.... NEW ALBUMS COMING SOON ARE: THE WHOLE WORLD UP IN FLAMES, THE EQUALIZER FREESTYLE MIX TAPE: INTELLECTUAL EDITION, AND MANY MORE.... STAY TUNED AND ENJOY THE RIDE WITH TME RECORDS..